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The Freshest. Adulteration-Free Dairy Products

At Surbhi Dairy Farms, we take great care of each and every cow that stays with us. From the time she is fed and the time she takes rest, she is treated with utmost love and affection. We do not add any preservatives or chemicals to the milk, because we believe you deserve the goodness of original and unaltered cow’s milk!


Fresh & Healthy

100% Organic


A2 Cow Milk

Original Taste Of A2 Cow Milk Is Here!


Malai Paneer

Be Ready To Taste The Fluffiest Paneer Ever!


A2 Cow Ghee

The Native Taste Of A2 Cow Ghee Is Here!


Curd / Dahi

Natural Sweetness Lies In Our Unaltered Cow Curd / Dahi


Milk khoya

The Exceptional Taste Of Khoya That Is Carefully Prepared From Our A2 Cow Milk!


Sweets (On Order)

Do You Wanna Try The Original Taste Of Sweets? Try Ours!

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Mia Janne

Taste Of Real Dairy Products Awaits You!

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